Reader’s Steamed Salad


  • 1 of my friend sent me this picture of his steamed salad. His inspiration was Yogi’s roasted salad recipe from justlunchideas.
  • He likes to cook in his dear microwave and cooking has to be very very quick.
  • So what does he do? He bought microwave steamer and steams all his vegetables. And then put little salad dressing, crushed red pepper.
  • I keep giving him ideas around new vegetables and some seasonal ones.
  • Thought this is a wonderful idea and others will like it too.
  • Enjoy !

How to change energy of left over?


  • Let’s face it. We all eat left over now and then. But did you know you can change energy and make it better?
  • If you have any thing that is liquid like soup or curry with gravy, here’s what you want to do.
  • First of all, instead of using microwave , reheat on stove top.
  • Add some water if needed, adjust spices. And add some fresh herbs like cilantro, curry leaves or whatever goes with your dish.
  • Left over chana masala in picture after changing energy.
  • Try it out. It taste much better than reheating in microwave.

Callaloo subji


  • To continue our green theme, i bought callaloo green the other day. I have been eating this green for few years now.
  • In gujarat, we have this bhaji called “Ratachhod ni bhaaji” and it was my favourite while growing up. Few years back, my mon and i were roaming around farmer’s market and she saw this bhaaji and said this looks like our bhaaji. So we bought and cooked just like our bhaaji subji. It tasted same and since then i buy whenever i see it.
  • The only difference is our bhaaji has red stem and callaloo has green stem. I had no idea what it was called until now. :-)
  • There’s a Caribbean dish named callaloo too. Well, i cooked it my indian way.
  • For  1 bunch, i added half chopped onion, ginger-garlic paste, turmeric powder,red chilli powder, cumin-coriandor powder and salt. Add little oil. Mix all together and cook. Simple, isnt’ it?
  • You can also add some potato cubes and cooke it all together.
  • Picture didn’t come out so good but taste really good.
  • Traditionally we eat khichadi, kadhi and bhaaji.  Still have some left over so i will make another meal with khichadi and kadhi.
  • Do try if you find it in your town.


A fun experiment with Fitday around nutrition

  • Few years back, i found website and liked it very much. It was simple to use, free and didn’t ask me too many questions. I shared with my friend Mary at work. She liked it too. And our experiment began.
  • On fitday, you can put all things you ate and can generate the report of how much vitamins, calories you got for a day, week, month. There are many things you can do but we were interested in nutrition part.
  • We eat our breakfast, lunch and add it to fitday. And we would compare our reports and see what we got so far.
  • If we didn’t get suppose vitamin c, then we will eat orange or some fruit, seeds for zinc, then  add it into fitday and generate report again.
  • We will also plan our dinner depending on what vitamins we are missing.  We also shared our nuts and fruis with each other so we can get our missing nutrition.
  • It was fun and made us realise what we were missing in our regular diet.
  • If you want to know how you are doing, try it out for a week or so and it will give you general idea of what you need to change in your diet.
  • Most of us eat same kinda things every day so it’s good to know what we are missing and fix it.
  • We still talk abt this experiment and how  fun it was.
  • Try it out and see how good you are doing.


Spring Salad


  • As we all know, i have been trying different ways to include greens in diet. If you don’t know why, check few of previous posts and you will know importance of green.
  • I like spring mix which has all different kinda tender greens with different flavours.
  • Mango i had cut was little sour so couldn’t eat by itself but a great addition to salad. Creativity always pays off. :-)
  • Throw some strawberries which are on sale everywhere, tomatoes, some nuts, whatever you have.
  • I am not a fan of all salad dressings. I like little salt, pepper and lemon or vinegar. Why on the earth anyone want to load salad with oil and sugar?
  • Salad with all different flavours tasted great on its own. You really don’t even need salt and pepper.
  • Do you love pizza? Well, have this salad on the side and you will have best of both world.
  • Salad was very filling ,tasty and i really enjoyed salad more than pizza. 
  • Give it a shot  !