Few Beetroot Ideas


  • As we know beetroot has many benefits but  sometimes ppl are put off by its color or taste. It is sweet with earthy flavour.
  • There are so many ways you can include beetroot in your diet.    Here’s some of my ideas:
  • Boil or roast and add little salt, fresh lemon juice. Good side dish or in salad.
  • Make chutney like i did in picture with coconut, boiled beet root and green chilies. Add seasoning of mustard seeds, curry leaves. You can also add little lemon juice or tamarind for tangy flavour. You can have with dosa, idly or on the side with roti, curry. Chutney turned out good.
  • Pink Rice: Add shredded raw beet to rice while cooking and you will have colorful, nutritious rice.  Cumin seeds seasoning will make it extra yummy.
  • I had beetroot curry at local indian place and it was good so i make it once in a while. Chop beet root in tiny pieces. They are really tiny. Heat oil, season with mustard seeds, urad dal, green chilies, curry leaves and add chopped beet root, salt.  I don’t remember adding any other spices. Add water if needed and cook until done.. You can garnish with some shredded coconut. It makes a nice side dish.
  • You can make carrot and beetroot juice. For 1 glass, it should be  3 part carrot and 1 part beet root since beet root is very strong.
  • Beet root raita is also good. You can add boiled beet root pieces to yogurt or shredded raw beetroot to yogurt. Add roasted cumin powder, salt. Simple !
  • I had once included it in banana bread too. :-)
  • Beetroot is hard to peel and chop so i prefer to boil in pressure cooker first and then skin comes off easily and easy to chop too.
  • Find a way to include beet root in your diet. You can always invent your own recipes and copy right it. :-)
  • Have fun with beetroot !

How To Reap Ginger Benefits


  • Ginger is widely used for upset stomach and nausea. There are other benefits too we keep reading now a days.
  • Ginger is used in India for everyday cooking but you don’t need to cook indian food just to use ginger.
  • Use fresh ginger root to reap benefits. It stays good for at least a month in fridge.
  • Here’s few of my ideas to use:
  • If you make soup, add some shredded ginger into it while soup is boiling. Start with 1/2 tsp and then adjust depending on your taste. It will help with digestion and will give a good flavour too.
  • If you cook your beans at home, add a little piece of ginger while cooking it. Same benefits as above.
  • If you saute vegetable or anything else, then you can saute shredded ginger in oil for 15-20 seconds. It will flavour your oil.
  • Ginger Tea: Boil a cup of water  with shredded ginger. Strain and you can add little good quality honey if you like.
  • In india, when someone is  suffering from indigestion, this is what they do. Cut small pieces of ginger, add some salt and fresh lemon juice. Eat one piece 3o mins before meal. It will help with digestion. Store rest in fridge. Will stay good for few days.
  • There are many more…but i will stop here. Hope you got the idea.
  • You can buy small shredder at dollar store to shredd ginger. I have one to make ginger tea.
  • Enjoy ginger and you will not have digestion problem.

Yogurt With Local Honey


  • I found local honey at farmer’s stand. Local honey from within 100 miles is really good and has a lot of benefits. It helps in allergy too.
  • If you keep your eyes open,  you find all treasures on the way, right?
  • Homemade yogurt is another good thing. It is full of good bacteria. If you don’t know how to make yogurt at home, ask indians around you. We always make at home. It’s very simple.
  • Combine this 2 and you end up with yummy greek dessert. Yogurt with honey and walnut is popular greek dessert. 
  • If you remove whey/water from yogurt, it’s greek yogurt. I didn’t do that extra step but you can do if you like. It will be like “Shrikhand”.
  • Simple yet yummy and you can have for breakfast too.
  • Warning: Never give honey to infant less than a year old.

Do you have a fruit bowl?


  • Everyone knows how good fruits are and that they help prevent cancer, heart disease, cholesterol, blood pressure  etc etc .   But still how many ppl are really eating everyday?
  • Yes, everyone eats fruits. But is it everyday or once in a while? And do you eat all fruits or just few like apple, banana and orange?
  • It’s good to keep a fruit bowl with all kinda of fruits where you see it all the time. That way it’s tempting to just grab something.
  • I buy different fruits in a way that it last at least a week. Fruits you can eat right away like grapes,cherries, all berries. Then fruits which needs to sit on the counter for few days to ripen.
  • And some fruits which will stay good for long time. Like oranges, apples stay good here for a long time.
  • I try to wash fruits before taking to work since sometimes if it’s not washed, then you don’t eat it.  Also keep few long lasting fruits at work so i have something even if i forgot to take from home.
  • Try all local fruits even if you never had them before and buy seasonal ones.  
  • So when do you eat fruits? I generally eat for breakfast and then around 3-4 or after work around 6 in the evening. Sometime at night while watching TV.
  • Find time that works for you and make it a habit.
  • Not a great picture of my fruit bowl but i got peaches, apples, dragon fruit, black grapes, rambhutan etc. And some more in the fridge. I know am loaded. :-)
  • Summer is a good time to enjoy fruits since so much is available.
  • Enjoy your fruits and stay healthy !

2 Almonds A Day


  • I have read abt 2 almonds a day in the morning in my high school years in some ayurvedic column in news paper.  And of course, i had implemented it at that time.
  • I would eat 2 almonds before heading out to tuition classes.
  • Have started again from last few years but now it’s before heading out to work. I will pop 2 in my mouth. I really enjoy in winter more.
  • I recently started soaking them overnight and it taste so good like almond milk. Ayurveda recommends soaking and peeling the skin off.
  • If it’s soaked, it’s easier to digest and some ppl, kids don’t chew well so soaked is easier to chew.
  • So some days soaked, some days without it and some days skipped to enjoy other nuts.
  • You can soak 2 for each member of the family and in the morning everyone can peel and eat their share.
  • It’s good for brain and will be a good habit for school going kids. Of course not for ppl ,kids with nut allergy.
  • Now there’s no hard and fast rule to have in the morning. You can enjoy anytime so don’t come up with some excuse.
  • All this small small good habits do make a difference, don’t you think?
  • Try this new morning ritual with your family and have fun !